Over the last two decades, the accounting industry has seen tremendous growth and innovation. Cloud-based software, analytics, and automation have revolutionized the way businesses of all sizes handle their finances. At Yellowbird Accounting, we understand the unique needs of solopreneurs and small businesses, and offer a comprehensive suite of services to help them handle their accounting. We are solution based problem solvers and work with your current system to make efficiency improvements by automating, managing third party app integrations, custom reporting – all while completing the accounting cycle and getting you ready for tax time. With Yellowbird Accounting, solopreneurs and small business owners can enjoy the convenience and efficiency of an automated accounting system without sacrificing accuracy or security.

No matter your size or scope, from solopreneurs to video producers, nonprofits to bustling shops, Yellowbird Accounting provides automated accounting solutions that won’t compromise on accuracy, security or convenience. Put your trust in Yellowbird Accounting and enjoy the efficiency and convenience of an automated accounting system without sacrificing quality.


Starting at $200/month:
Cash Basis Accounting
Bank Feeds
Data Entry
Monthly Reconciliation
Review and Report
Secure Client Portal

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Starting at $500/month
Cash or Accrual Basis Accounting
Bank Feeds
Data Entry with automations
Revenue Importing
Receipt Capturing
Bill Pay
Document Retention
Custom Reporting
Ongoing Support
Secure Client Portal

Non Profit

Starting at $800/month
Accrual Basis Accounting
Bank Feeds
Employee Reimbursements
Donation Recording
Third-party CRM Integrations
Audit Support
Board and Committee Reporting
990 Filings by CPA
Ongoing Support
Secure Client Portal

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Not Ready To Commit
But Need Some Help?

$90/hour or a monthly retainer or $300 for 4 hours of support
Guidance on how to approach a clean up project
Systems Design
Staff Training

We have built partnerships with a handful of Certified Public Accountants in California who provide top-notch tax advisory and filing services for our clients. Yellowbird’s main objective is to emphasize the importance of using efficient systems and automation to maximize productivity. We strongly believe that collaboration with other high-caliber entrepreneurs is the key to success for any business.
As such, we are excited to use our expertise to help you meet your goals. With our partners by our side, you can be rest assured that you are in good hands.

What Our Clients Say About Us

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